Me and the Kit

A bit about me, and the cameras I use.
Ok, where to start?

My main photographic interests are Nature Photography, but I'll try anything.

I can also be found, with more pictures and some ramblings, at my blog.

and from my local lake

UPDATE: The blogs have been put on hold for now.

Twitter and Flickr too

On 2nd of November 2017, after a few tests and scans, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer.
Remains to be seen what happens next.


The current cameras are,
a Canon 7D Mk11
a Canon 7D,
a Canon 50D,
a Canon 400D
a Canon G12
a Canon bridge camera, SX50 HS.
And a recent new edition to the kit is the Panasonic FZ330 bridge camera

Lenses include the kit lens, 18-55, which I must admit I rarely use.

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM.

Sigma 105 DG Macro lens; a great lens, which lives on the 50D

Sigma 10-20mm Wideangle Lens, which lives on the 400D.

And the lens that currently never leaves the camera, (the 7D), a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4-5.6L IS USM, (that’s what the box says).
A superb lens, which enables hand held shots when it would require a tripod.
Since I hate lugging stuff around when I’m out, it’s proved to be worth every penny!

To go with the new 7D Mk11 a Sigma 150-600mm. Heavy, but a nice lens.

An Op/tech dual camera harness.
A few spare batteries, (learnt the hard way whilst out one day), and a couple of memory cards; these fit in a pocket, so no problem there.
A rucksack/camera bag.

A pair of binoculars are usually hanging from my neck, or shoulder too.
Canon 18X50 IS.

I also have a Sony Handycam, HDR-PJ10E. A great little camera for movies, and small enough to fit in a pocket.

Other kit, Canon Extenders, EF 1.4XII and EF 2XII.
Unfortunately the auto focus is lost when used with the zoom. A shame Canon couldn't sort that out, considering the cost of these lenses.
They don't get the use very much, but are handy to have.