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new dog

Keith, I'm really pleased you have a new pup. It took me three years between dogs, the death of Jay [border collie] nearly killed me, the postie kept at me to get replacement, gave in eventually & got Meg [same again], the puppy from hell, no off switch. She keeps me saner & fitter than I would otherwise be. She has turned out to be a lovely dog, a crap sheepdog though. Always had cockers before these two. You did the right thing. His name will come to you, there's no hurry.
Somewhere I've got a live version of 'the thrill is gone' by BB King & Bobby Blue Bland on vinyl, must get a stylus, have to content myself with a cd track by BB King/ Gary Moore in the meantime.
If the blogging is taking up too much time is there another way to do it, perhaps just one picture a week & a couple of lines while the kettle is boiling- a lot of people enjoy what you do.


Thanks Ian, appreciate your comment. I'll get out of the rut eventually :-)
ian moore


Hi Keith
Thanks for pointing out the whimbrel at Frampton last week. Great photos and blog.
Stay angry with the chainsaws!!


Thanks Richard. Great bird wasn't it.

Nice to meet you at Conwy reseve

Your site is wonderful, capture the moment!
graham and Rita


Gerd...thanks for the foxy b/d card... . Yes, I had a good one...I was working that night and it was a good gig. I'll call you soon.
Your pics are very professional.
Be careful with that axe Eugene !

Cheers Cocker!

Blog n a half Keith!

Loving the blog Keith, great pics, humour and country music fan to boot ... you have a new follower!

Timbobaggins Abroad

Thanks Tim.
Tim Ward


Keith, you are an inspiration to me and many others, you prove that there is a picture waiting to be taken in all places at all times, you just have to "see" it. When I go out now camera in hand I know now there is no such thing as the wrong time or wrong place or wrong weather, there are pictures (and birds) everywhere. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Thank you Colin. I appreciate your comments.
Colin MK

Araneus quadratus

Hi Keith,We met onthursday at summerleys,it was nice to meet you and Trevor.Glad Ilooked at this site,nice photo's and great sentiment luv it.
Keep at it.Robin.

Thanks Robin. Appreciate your comment.
And thanks for the ID reminder. :-)

Just stopped by.

Great site & great photos.


I really was looking at your perfect photos with a great admire ! And the layouts of your sites too.
It is pure joy to see them, thank you!
And thank you for your kind comment on my site1
Mimmu / Leena

Your holding moments blog

I am strongly imposed how wonderfully you present your beautiful pictures!
Maria 's Teater


Hello! I saw your comment on Jillsy's blog and decided to check your blog. OH! What a wonderful surprise when I saw the magnificent photos! I'll be back. LOVED THEM ALL!!!

Hello Keith,

Amazing pics as usual.Such a joy to visit your blogs.Will be back!!!
Shantana and Arunava


Hi Keith, we met this morning at Caldecotte Lake and I stopped for a chat. It was a beautiful morning and really set me up for the day. I have just spent the past hour browsing your web site and blogs and am in awe of your beautiful pictures. You have a true skill at what you do. It was lovely to talk to you and i hope to see you again one morning soon. I shall keep coming back for updates.
Beat Wishes Simone ( and Jasper - the dog with the natty scarf)


Dear Keith
Your blog and your website - and indeed your outlook on life - are an absolute joy. They are one of the richest experiences on the internet.
Haven't got an active blog myself yet - I'm a bit of a fledgling - so hence this email rather than a message on your blog.

I do hope that the hospital can get their act together and sort things out for you once and for all.

My very best wishes (and no need to reply)


Just passing by

Just make a little visit on your website and have seen some stunning pics :)
I really like your great work and nice site !
And also learned a little more about you ;-) So .... My cat and my dog say hello to yours !
Have a nice evening
Greetings from France

holding moments

Lovely photos and magic moments.


Hey there matey. Love the website. Makes me think I need to re-design my one I have with Pbase.
Looks great !!!

Best wishes,

Nick S


Hi Keith! I wandered to this site from your blogger site, Holdingmoments. So glad I did!! This is fantastic as is your photos. I am a nature and animal lover at heart so really enjoy seeing all your photos. I can feel all the love and respect you have for nature and life in them.

Doreen Zakem

I love your photos - thanks for sharing

Hi, i'm a huge fan of yours, your photos take my breath away and are an inspiration, thank you so much, you seem to have that magic touch. Have just found out from your latest news that you have not been well which is bad news indeed, hope you health improves and all my best wishes
vanessa cranmer

A view into paradise

Dear Keith, your website ist a view to paradise for me! Your pics are so professional and a great pleasure to see. At the moment it isn`t possible to give a comment on the post on your blog. So I give my comment to your pics on this place here. The little Robin on your hand - this is a phantastic story. I know this kind of "meeting" at nature and I call it "magic moments". These are the best moments in our live and we are feeling a "touch from heaven". I hope you know what I mean - my english should be better;-)) For the next time I wish you a lot of "holding-magic-moments"! Greetings from Luzia.

your web site - above the call

Your web site is stellar. I see lots of them, but yours truly stands out. Your work is impressive, to say the least. What is the lens on your thumbnail? Canon, but what MM? Thanks, RRR

Robin Robinson

Thank you Robin, appreciate your comment.
The lens I use mostly, and in the thumbnail, is the Canon 100-400mm L IS
Robin Robinson


Nice images. Interesting positions. I like the delicate dragonfly and the blue heron in flight. We have those in NW U. S. and I wanted to take a shot like of the mighty heron flying.
nicole taylor

I love your photos - thanks for sharing

Hi, I have really been enjoying looking at your beautiful photographs of nature. I know how you feel, I used to work outside all day but now I have to work "indoors" which for someone like me and which "most people" do not understand is a killer and very frustrating and depressing, especially now I have got older and my love for nature has grown deeper and all I want to do is "be out there". Thank you again for your lovely pics, I am on FB if you would like to add me as a friend.
vanessa cranmer


It is only now that i have discovered your webpage,i am so naive, sorry for that,honestly i am so amazed everytime i see your work of art, thanks for sharing all these things to us. i kept telling you to make a book for all of these, not knowing that you have already something better than a book,lol.oh well, i do not know,hehehe,again thanks.
lolit lomotan


Where are our pictures? Site looks good however profile states you work...? wondered if you have another job somewhere????

Cheers Mark.
Updated a few more of the Kestrel pics.
Work? Oh yea, that ;)

holding moments

Thanks for a lovely break from oversurfing.
can't actually remember just how I landed on your site but it slowed me down and now I must take a walk and a good deep streach and admire the season :)

Your Website

Keith, thought it was about time I came back to check up on you, and I find that Im blown away at the quality of the site and more importantly the pictures that your taking......All great stuff, and will be adding a link to your site from mine - with your permission.....
Keep going, Its all looking very good from here...
Well done mate

Holding moments

Hi Keith, thought I would just come back and pay you a visit, and find this web site has grown and grown and still with so many beautiful images, I have visited the blogspot site and again very interesting, Keep up the good work

Best wishes Susan (AKA Suki x)


hi Keith how the devil are you, I reopened my space this week and was trawling arround old haunts to find youd moved!! Mind you its well over a year since I touched a PC. Hope your ok. Nice to see your still taking photos etc.
x Kath x

Winged Friend

I love your pictures just the same as Willow did x
Lady Ravenheart

Great Photos

HI Keith

Great images, that new lens is obviously paying off......some lovely bird photography. Where was the grass snake taken? keep up the good work,

Cheers Mark & Jo x

(Thanks Mark, and Jo. The grass snake was at Rutland Water Reserve, Egleton.)
mark & Jo Catanach


Hi Keith, just had to come back and have another look at Holdingmoments and am blown away as usual bu your pictures. Yesterday I went on a macro course at Hanningfield reservoir and got some really good instruction on camera use and learing to find subjects in the wild

Congrats again on your super PF

Susan x
Susan (Aka Suki x)

Your Website

Each time I visit, things just get better and better....Well done, Im loving everthing you have here
Andrew H

Your pics!

Hi there, Just had another wonder around your beautiful site, well done and congratulations

Susan x

First class.

that poor little bird with a growth looks really strange. I saw a starling years ago with a over sized beak, about 4 inches long. at first i thought it was using a twig or something to dig out worms. but no, for i saw it again about a week later in my back garden.
nature never fails to amaze.
Great sight you have here Swampy, i am jealous, I want one. lol
kenneth hutchinson

just hi really

I have just been looking at your galleries again and just checked out holedstone pictures too.
My hat is doffed to the pair of you, I just hope to apsire to a similar quality. Thanks to both of you for inspiration and idea's too!

Your Photos

Great pictures, Looks like i have a lot to learn from you after all..... Love the B&W best as that is my forte. long may it continue..
Andrew H

relaxation time

Is there no end to your talents

Now thats a real job

Nice work Keith,stunning pictures,keep up the good work,c ya soon:-)

problem with site

wow keith this lookc cool m8

but there one peoblem m8 in the links page it is

you have forgot me lol


(rectified Mark)
spurry AKA MarkS


Hi Keith... Love the photo's... Keep it up. Look forward to seeing more of the fruits of your work.
Nick aka Dragonboy

Love the pics!

HA! Now I know your name!
On a serious note now...I loved all the pictures! Of course I had to go to the Domestic animals first though. Jim is so cute! I can't wait to see more, so I will be back!
Keep snapping those pics!

Awesome place

Fantastic site Keith. Well done and your photos are just amazing. Love your work. Looking forward of seeing more huggs xx Char

Your New Site

Hi Keith of the Swamp,
This is such a good idea and the photography very impressive.
Would love to know more about how you obtained this page.
Last but not least...welcome to 2008, may it be ever so good for you.

New Website

Looks like I have some fierce compentition here, Love the pictures and long may it continue...
Andrew H

Holding moments wonderful pics

Hi there Keith ( you will always be Swampy to me) this is a very fine website the pictures are brilliant very many congratulations on on the site, I shall look forward to seeing more of your picture, will put a linkl in my space

Love Suki x


Some awesome pictures captured there, magical. Jim looks great.

(((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxx


Hi Muddy buddy.
Exellent piece of work, I look forward to watching it grow.



WoW Kieth i luff ur pics i always do .. to capture those moments is one thing to visually see them for yourself is quiet something .. tc be happy .. luff Suzi x
Suzi aka Frekks