and so it goes

Not updated for some time, so I must do that very soon. Just had a fantastic week visiting various reserves, so lots of pictures to sort through, and upload.

College Lakes in Hertfordshire kicked it off at the weekend, then Wendover Woods.

Some local lakes over the next couple of days, before Tuesday.

Then a trip to Rye Meads, in search of Kingfishers. A fleeting glimpse, too quick to get a picture, but a great day nonetheless. Hobby's circling overhead, and plenty of ducks on the various lakes.

Further afield, I went in search of Ospreys, at Rutland Water, on the Wednesday. No luck spotting them, but I did hear, and see, 2 Cuckoos. And Tree Sparrows; something I've not seen since I was a kid. Grass Snake, Hares, and a stunning looking Pheasant were just a few highlights, amongst others.

Next day off to RSPB headquarters at Sandy; The Lodge. Another good day, and an obliging Great Spotted Woodpecker on the feeders. Beautiful gardens there too which gave some photo opportunities, including a magnificent Peacock strutting his stuff.

To end the week, some more visits to the local lakes, where Sunday turned up a bit of a rarity for these parts; a Great Reed Warbler.

All in all, a very good week.